Greg H. Nelson

With a background that includes a Master’s degree in Psychology, a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, and leadership coach training, Greg H. Nelson is uniquely positioned to help clients achieve their professional goals. He has been self-employed and has worked in sales for both small businesses and large corporations. Wanting to make a real difference in people’s lives, Greg left his corporate sales support position with a Fortune 500 technology company in 2001 and launched his practice.

Clients appreciate how Greg’s business acumen supports them in being organized and focused on the right action. And that he is a reality check – he helps clients let go of the limiting habits that are holding them back and gain a new perspective that enables them to move forward.

Areas of specialty include: self-mastery and leadership, self-care and stress relief, interpersonal communication, time and energy management, organization, marketing and sales.

Greg’s coaching approach emphasizes the application of sound psychological and spiritual principles. His teaching style assists clients in feeling better, awakening and powerfully creating their life.

Greg’s unique background enables him to take a holistic approach to business that includes supporting the client both as an individual and as a business owner or freelancer, executive or professional. As a result, clients are more successful professionally and personally.

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