Client Reflections

After practicing for nearly 10 years as a hospital physician, I decided to pursue a different model of practice doing house calls.  This was an exciting opportunity for me to be a part of a new medical group and style of practice. This challenge brought scenarios that I had never encountered such as leadership, mediating work place conflicts, and interfacing with other physicians and health plans.  With the demands of this new position, I quickly found myself ill equipped to manage my personal stress level, and generally felt ineffective in all areas of life—and most importantly, my family life. I then turned to personal career coaching to help manage and work through some of these issues that constantly seemed insurmountable.

Being able to work with personal career coach, Greg Nelson, has made me able to realize new realities.  We have been able to set realistic expectations for myself with regards to workplace/personal organization, time management strategies, family and work life balance, and being able to have more effective interactions with fellow physicians, health plans, and most importantly—my patients!

Greg Nelson’s patient, respectful, and goal setting conversations have helped me to become resilient in my challenging career path, and to enjoy the journey at the same time. Would highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking further direction in their career path!

Trevor Hayes
Landmark Health
El Segundo, CA

I met Greg at a very pivotal moment in my life. I had recently resigned as COO but had not secured a new position. I was struggling to prioritize both professionally and personally. I couldn’t see beyond the roadblocks I was creating and overwhelmed mentally, emotionally, and financially. I had previously relied on friends and family for coaching, but I knew I needed a professional business and life coach to provide unbiased perspective.

Greg helped me answer big picture questions, clarify my direction and provided specific ideas for how to take the necessary steps to move forward. He enabled me to see my value during a time where I felt I didn’t have anything to offer. Within three months of working together my confidence about pursuing my highest goals soared and I got on track professionally and personally. I secured several great consulting roles and launched a company that immediately started gaining traction. I also prioritized self-care and the initial success of feeling better helped me to continue to grow exponentially. I am truly grateful for his guidance and friendship and believe anyone would benefit from working with Coach Greg.

Cody Wood
Founder, CEO
Los Angeles, CA

In the process of contemplating how to express my appreciation to you, Mr. Nelson, I looked to one of my favorite resources, the thesaurus.  I was looking for words to describe the tenor of our interactions during the months we worked together.  “Guidance” as well as “help” came to mind.  So I looked up guidance in the thesaurus.  Under synonyms I found: advice, direction, instruction, intelligence, navigation, teaching, support, assistance, attention, backing, encouragement, furtherance, and then in a subsequent paragraph the synonyms circled back to guidance.

Without realizing it, the words I jotted down in that little research project in many ways described the dance, the flexibility, the process of your contributions to my start-up.  Those words described how “you doing you,” helped “me, be the best me.” That was one of your mottos, “to help me be the best me.”

Knowing when and how to effectively step in and teach, when to back up and listen, when to encourage, and when to support requires attunement to your client, awareness of their goals, the ability to feel, see, and at times carry their vision while simultaneously imparting your knowledge and skills is a rare gift.

I will always remember one interaction in particular, I was expressing concern about having clients and you said, “Lisa, your clients are on their way.”  The visualization of that sentence brought my anxiety all the down and put hope and excitement in my heart, and put a smile on my face.  I’m just about a year in to Family In Sync, whenever I am contacted by a new potential client I flash back to that comment.  Yes, you were right Mr. Nelson, they are on their way.  They are finding their way to my door.  I thank you for helping me, be the best me I can be.

Warmly, Lisa Jo
Lisa Jo Cohen, Ph.D. – PSY 21832
Parent Child Interaction Therapist
Child and Family Therapist
Westlake Village, CA

I have been working with Greg Nelson (Strategic Success Systems) for over a year and a half now and have experienced great benefits in both my career success and personal life.  Although I hired Greg to help me identify and implement a strategy for my freelance music business, he has demonstrated throughout the course of our relationship that success in my career is directly related to my overall health – spiritually, physically, and mentally.  The peace of mind I have learned to cultivate, both as a prerequisite and companion to my increasing success in the music business, has been a fringe benefit both unexpected and magnificent.

Greg is skilled in both the tangible particulars of business success and the tenets of living a more joyful and satisfying life, and he is responsive to my requests regarding which to emphasize from session to session.

I’m thankful that Greg and I found each other and am continuing to experience positive changes across my life that transcends my expectations.

Eric Hemion
Song Writer/Producer
Venice, CA

The decision to work with Greg was one of the best professional decisions I’ve made since deciding to hang out my own shingle. I decided to work with Greg because I wanted clarity around my mission, my clients, balancing home/work and becoming a better version of me. Greg assisted with all of that! He is a gentle but persistent guiding force who presented me with the tools necessary to grow my business and form stronger strategic alliances. Greg’s insights into my business and personal life (which affect my career) still remain with me and influence how I go about getting things done. I can’t thank him enough for his patience, wisdom and compassion. I am enjoying what I do more than ever before and continue to watch with amazement the application of Greg’s lessons.

Toni Y. Long
Business and Entertainment Transactional Attorney; General Counsel to Business Owners
The Long Law Group, PC
Pasadena, CA

When I first came to Greg Nelson I had little more than a half-baked idea and no sales or marketing skills.  Step by step he has helped me focus my business, build up my belief in myself, and understand how to market myself and close sales. Thanks to Greg’s invaluable coaching I now am on the path to having the business of my dreams.

Gina Rubinstein
Media Consultant
Venice, CA

I met Greg Nelson through a networking group in early 2014.  During the meetings he always had something valuable to contribute and was also part of the team that formed the networking group.  A close friend of mine had spoken to Greg for coaching on a number of occasions and she recommended that since I was seeking coaching, that he would be an excellent choice.   Two of the things I appreciated about Greg during our coaching sessions in the past year are 1) that he has well rounded life experiences which give him great empathy, but seasoned with Masters level education in his field and 2) he does a good job of keeping the conversation “in focus” which is what I believe we are all seeking when trying to make headway and accomplish things of importance in our lives.

When I met Greg I needed to make up my mind about selling my home in West LA and possibly moving to Portland, OR where much of my family has relocated.  He helped me quickly crystallize that this was a great move.  I spent months fixing up the home and got my dream price…using no realtors at all for the transaction.  That helped give me the capital to start over after the great recession, and move closer to family.  Since moving, I have taken steps to open my own branch for our national mortgage company and hired my first employee with plans to expand.  Greg has offered even the smallest advice that was helpful as well.  I spend many hours at my desk and he turned me on to a great product that enabled me to work at standing height part of the day, which has greatly improved my health and posture.  This is just one example of Greg taking the time to listen and offer to be helpful.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend Greg Nelson to anyone who is seeking clarity, direction, good karma, and compassion in Life Coaching. You will be rewarded for putting in the work with Greg to move forward in your life.

Greg Filzen
Mortgage Banker
Mortgage Capital Associates
Portland, OR

Last year I was at an impasse in my career. After having been laid off from an office job, and having finished my certification program in Interior Design I didn’t know where or how to start my own business.

Hiring Greg as my coach was the best thing I ever did. For over a year now, he has helped me through the first year of stumbling; keeping me on track, creating a strong identity of who I am, whom I am serving and how to secure my clients. He showed me how to apply my strengths and how to turn my weaknesses into opportunities for growth. We accomplished a lot in terms of my understanding of what it takes to be successful in business: Marketing, Management, Planning ahead, Communication with Clients, Relationships with clients. Of high integrity, gentle yet persistent, Greg kept me on track to make sure that I made progress. I feel fortunate to have been his protégé and highly recommend him to anybody who is looking to improve their business and accomplish their vision!

Christine Haenen
Artist & Interior Designer
Haenen Design Studios
Culver City, CA

Thank you, Greg Nelson, for helping me clarify a small yet highly significant limiting belief that has been difficult to identify on my own and yet capable of clouding my ability to understand that perceived delays toward my ultimate goals were not actually the same as the ’story’ I was telling myself. The result was the experience of a lot of unnecessary mental and emotional stress.

You are solid in your coaching craft and it’s gratifying to witness that the raw talent and capacities you displayed when we first met over 20 years ago have developed into a significant helping profession capable of forwarding dreams for so many.  Thank you for doing what you LOVE and for sharing it with the world.  Those of us fortunate enough to know you are the beneficiaries and we are grateful!  Well done and thank you!

Sandi Rose Miller
Author, Speaker, Visionary
Houston, TX

In the two years I have worked with Greg Nelson, I have seen my psychotherapy business expand many times.  But the truth is, that might have happened, to some degree, anyway, just due to my working hard over that time.  The real change that Greg has brought into my life is that he has taken the two greatest weaknesses in my career (marketing and networking), and turned them into two of my greatest strengths.

When I started working with Greg, I knew that I wanted to focus on working with children, and I had a great deal of training and knowledge I could use in my work.  But I had no idea how to pitch myself to strangers, friends, or other therapists.  I had no definition of what was different about my practice, what set me apart.  I had no vision of where I wanted to take the business beyond gaining more clients.

Within a year, a year of quite hard work on both our parts, these situations were changing.  Greg had worked with me to create numerous pitches, and to try them out to see what worked with whom.  He helped me develop an excellent website, unlike any other I’d seen.  I was able to discuss my practice in a way that connected with the needs of whoever I was talking to, whether they were coworkers, interested friends, or potential clients.  And I was developing a vision of where the business could and should go.

But in the next year, things got far more interesting.  Greg helped me immeasurably through a problem that set me back months in my vision, which could have left me in a helpless state of discouragement.   And our work built in me not just an increased ability to network and market, but a love of both.  By the end of that year, I was doing speaking engagements, training other new therapists in ways to market and network.  And, most wonderfully, I was creating a new sub-business in my therapy career that could take my business into realms I hadn’t even dreamt of.

Greg is a sensitive spirit, but he is also ambitious and unrelenting, in the best ways.  His constant encouragement and true interest have pushed me through my own fears and blocks into places I could never have thought possible.

I recommend Greg Nelson unequivocally.  His intelligence and understanding, mixed with his true listening and curiosity, have changed my career and my life, and could potentially do the same for anyone else.

Douglas Green
Marriage and Family Therapist
Los Angeles, CA

I recently had the opportunity to work with Greg Nelson. Although I have read numerous business books and talked to business coaches no one has approached a business issue as clearly and successfully as Greg in one simple brief conversation.   This strategic approach turned a potential refund into a revived positive client relationship who went on to refer others. I was quite surprised that his advice could so easily resolve an issue I had been stewing over for a couple of months. If you know other business owners who are feeling “stuck” in a current business issue, Greg is the kind of coach who will help you move beyond it. And it won’t take months to do. Consider his services perhaps he can do that same thing for you.

John Cattermole
Clinic Director
Phoenix, AZ

Before Greg was coaching me, I felt like I was drowning in the multiple tasks and projects I was accountable for. As we were building our national nonprofit organization, I had overcommitted myself and set myself up for failure on all counts. I had to end projects before completion, sacrifice critical relationships and redesign programs due to inefficient leadership skills.

Not even after a full month of coaching with Greg, I have developed and implemented the following methods for growth and expansion towards success personally and professionally:

  • Bi-weekly accountability
  • Leadership development
  • Time management
  • Project management
  • Self care
  • Creating & implementing efficient systems
  • Delegating
  • Realizing talents for effective utilization

Working with Greg has allowed me to progress faster and more effectively than without him. I have implemented the tools Greg created to eliminate being overcommitted and inefficient. I have developed skills that I can take with me to be successful in every area of my life.

Thanks Greg! I appreciate you and all that you do!

Courtney Pepper
Founding President/CEO
Nonprofit Sector Foundation
Moreno Valley, CA

I met Greg Nelson at a seminar he was giving called “Going from Good to Great”. Little did I know how true that would be. Yes, I was doing good and happy enough, but doing “Great” sounded really exciting. I had enjoyed a certain amount of progress and success in my life, and I had plenty of experience through the years doing both personal work and coaching work on my small business.  However, I’ve also wasted a tremendous amount of mental energy and time in frustration “trying to make things work”.  Parts of life were very unsatisfying.  Something essential was missing – I always seemed to be getting in my own way, not getting important tasks done, feeling like a failure. Greg’s seminar gave me some insights about my life and goals – personally and professionally – I saw I could enjoy a richness and gratitude in life that “greatness” allows.

That’s when I decided to work with Greg in one-to-one coaching.  I wanted to get past the feeling of overwhelm and frustration of constantly getting in my own way. In the past I learned what to do – my trouble was motivating myself, getting into action and getting stuff done – even when I got stuck personally and just didn’t want to do what would serve me best. Greg helped me see what was possible for me, and with the tools and guidance of his coaching I am learning what does serve me best.  In working with Greg just the past 6 months, I have been able to make tremendous progress in all kinds of ways not otherwise possible.

I have learned to:

  • really consider what I want my life to look like and then challenge myself in gentle, loving ways with the tasks that need to get done to get there
  • focus on what is working and build on a foundation that will serve me better
  • to engage in conversations with potential clients in a new way that opens the possibilities for future projects
  • make distinctions in my language and goals that keep me motivated and moving forward
  • step outside my old patterns and look at situations in new and more empowering ways

Greg has taught me how to ask questions and listen fully to achieve more balanced thinking and powerful actions.

I used to be afraid I would fail and then quit. Greg has always supported me in progressing at my own pace, in baby steps. With Greg’s wisdom and coaching I can trust that if I get stuck, we can sort through the situation at hand as slowly as necessary so I won’t feel overwhelmed or frustrated.  I have much more courage and confidence to take on things I never would have considered before.

People who know me often comment now on the new energy, perspective and confidence they see in me.  I tell them I am working with a great coach.  My new motto is to “Surprise myself with how much I can do.”  It feels really good to be doing great.  You should try it out for yourself.  Greg can help you get there too.

Teresa Taylor
T Taylor Photography
Lake Forest, CA

Greg Nelson means business! In less than two months of life coaching with Greg Nelson, I nearly doubled my income and made major steps towards each of my goals in my fitness, lifestyle, and relationships.

What Greg Nelson offers is perspective on what you’re doing, and focus on what you want most. He has techniques to dissolve emotional blocks like fear and self-pity; and won’t let me fool myself or sell myself short. He was able to hear when I was limiting myself and re-orient me towards what positive steps I could take. I’ve never felt so on track and on target and empowered.

Thank you Greg! Your work has really made a difference.

Miss Nedi Safa
Teacher and Composer
Newport Beach, CA

I used Greg Nelson and Strategic Success Systems for approximately six (6) months in the capacity of a business coach. Greg was extremely professional and helpful during this time. I was transitioning from being an employee at a very successful, local company to going into business for myself. Greg was instrumental in:

  • Keeping me on task
  • Stressing and reminding me of the importance of staying organized
  • Highlighting and keeping me accountable with regard to balance and proper self-care

My transition was an extremely busy and stressful time for me and Greg’s input, support and feedback were critical tools in navigating this change successfully.

I would recommend Greg’s services as coach for a variety of reasons, primarily:

  • He is very professional and organized
  • I felt as though Greg understood my challenges and was personally interested in my success
  • Greg has a wealth and breath of experience, which allowed me to connect with him on various levels: business, personal, self-employed, spiritual.

John Szczesniak
Mission Financial
Greenville, SC

I worked with Greg Nelson for six months. During that time, we focused on setting goals for improving my work performance and seeking roads to greater personal satisfaction.

I am pleased to report that I made progress in both. I was able to reach my loan-funding goal and make great strides towards forming even better relations with my staff and with management. I was also able to apply what I practiced at home and view my family relationships in a more positive manner.

I had never worked with a life coach before, and I was uncertain how the experience would unfold. I am very pleased with the individualized approach that Greg took with me. Following a brief hiatus, I will work with Greg to set goals for 2007 to increase my income by half.

Herbert Moses
Home Mortgage Consultant/Construction Specialist
Newport Beach, CA 

When I contacted you, I knew that I was on the verge of losing my position as a renovation loan agent. Working from my home office, I was paid on commission and was responsible for managing and growing my business. I was essentially self-employed, selling, marketing and assembling the documentation required for loan funding. Were it not for your personal and business coaching, including the business operations systems and tools that so improved the management of my time and contacts, I would have likely failed and most certainly would not have enjoyed the personal growth, peace of mind and business success that I have. You helped me move from overwhelm, stress, and resignation to confidence, control and optimism.

My production improved dramatically! I went from one of the lowest ranking to among the highest of the Wells Fargo producers in the nation.

I am grateful for your coaching and support and all you helped me accomplish in my personal and business life. Thank you!

Karin Bates
Loan Consultant
Irvine, CA

Thank you for the project management tool you custom designed for me and for the training on how to use it effectively. I use the tool daily—it’s the first thing I open on my computer, and it provides a much-needed focus to my day. As a result of using this, my productivity has increased; and with the time that I save using your new system, I have been able to spend more time marketing my business and providing service to my career transition clients.

You gave me the system I needed to focus my attention, and my sales have increased.

Ann Ronan
Career Coach
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 

I wanted to share my very personal story, because I thought that reading it might help someone else make a choice that could change their life and help them find the success and happiness I found as a result of working with Greg.

I was married with two very intelligent, loving daughters, and had my own business. On the surface it was everything I always wanted. So the signs and the experience of it all falling apart was devastating. I was confused and could not really grasp or comprehend what was happening. I tried to “fix” the marriage, but it was too late and my wife was not interested. I was the target of parent alienation, living in an emotionally abusive situation, feeling out of control and distraught. My wife consistently berated me. My daughters copied her. I started to believe what they were saying about me and felt worthless and inadequate. To add insult to injury, my business was failing. I was confused and my confidence was at an all time low. I was very stressed out, suffered anxiety attacks, couldn’t sleep and lost my appetite.

I went for counseling which helped some, but it seemed the couch and box of tissues was not enough. I needed more. Family and friends tried to help and I appreciated their concern, but their input was judgmental and supported the idea that I was a victim. Some proposed medication. The advice was not helpful and added to my confusion. Fortunately, I believed somewhere deep inside, buried beneath the wreckage, I was a good man. I recalled a time in my life where I accessed my inner power, and remembered stories I had read about people in worse situations and how they overcame it all and conquered the situation. I decided to get out from under the trash heap, and I knew I needed something different.

Greg listened to me and said he could help. He created a program that got me on track. I worked with Greg on a daily basis for a couple of weeks and then, as I gained an ability to think more clearly, we reduced the frequency of calls until we were speaking once a week.

Greg was encouraging and supportive. He listened, asked questions and shared knowledge. He helped me see what I wasn’t seeing. He helped me make better decisions. He provided assignments and asked me questions that I really never thought about before, and then guided me to be the change I wanted in my life. I set goals and set up systems that helped me achieve more of what I wanted. The work was often difficult for me, but I kept going even on the days I did not feel like doing the work. He assured me the payoff of my work would be worth the effort—and it was!

It would take too long to list all that I did with Greg; here are some of my successes:

  • I am more focused and trusting of myself
  • I am pursuing my passions again, like photography and hiking
  • I feel younger and more alive
  • I communicate much better, even when someone is angry
  • I am more accepting of my ex-wife
  • I am a better Dad and have recently seen some really big changes in my daughters’ behavior toward me and we are getting closer—for that I am so grateful
  • I manage my time better
  • I got a great new job
  • I lead better business meetings and sales presentations
  • I am getting more new business
  • I am creating important business relationships in the community
  • I lost 2 inches around my waist, went from suit size 44 to 42, improved my endurance and ability to sleep

I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders. Greg’s coaching helped with my business and career, through the separation and divorce, in my relationships, with my health and fitness, and my mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. My listening and speaking skills are better. I am more confident, clearer, a better dad. I am more aware and responsible. I am more peaceful and I am happy!

Greg Nelson is professional, unbiased, objective and clear. He is very trustworthy, honest and a great listener with an enormous heart. I am impressed with his wealth of knowledge and his coaching. In retrospect, I feel Greg saved my life. I am very grateful and respect his talents.

Heye Horlings
Business Owner/Sales Representative
Portland, Oregon

Greg’s coaching enabled me to deal with an important and highly volatile situation in a deeply caring way. In one short hour, Greg was able to dislodge me from my firm defensive stance, put aside my disabling fears, and bring me to emotional balance and objectivity. He provided me with a healthy, positive, and loving way to truly communicate with another human being so that we could find our own solution to our own problem.

Greg offers an enlightened, practical, and uplifting alternative to our typical ways of dealing with fear, hurt and anger. I’m very grateful for his help.

Liane Challis
Senior Product Manager
Irvine, CA

In approximately 2.5 months working with Mr. Greg Nelson and his coaching techniques, I realized a major paradigm shift in my life. Not only do I view my opportunities and myself differently now, I am actually experiencing phenomenal results in my professional and personal life. When I made the decision to utilize the services of Greg Nelson in the capacity of personal coach, consultant, and trainer, I was hopeful that I would realize some benefits. I was really hopeful that I would realize a transformation in my life, specifically in the way I viewed myself and my opportunities in my career.

To put it mildly, I was blown away. In adhering to the principles and practices that Greg taught, I was able to achieve a complete paradigm shift in my life. If someone had told me I was going to achieve the results I have realized, I would not have believed them. As Greg will tell you, you are the one that has to do the work. I was committed to causing a change to occur in my life, so I was committed to doing the work. And the work was minimal compared to the results I have realized. My whole outlook on life has changed, and I can truthfully say that working with Greg had a tremendous impact in bringing about this positive change. I would highly recommend Greg Nelson to anyone desiring positive changes in their professional and/or personal life.

Joe Carey,
Sales Representative
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

After 6 short months of marriage, my husband was diagnosed with a terminal illness. This is devastating at any point in life but especially shocking and traumatic when one is in their early 30s. With Greg’s help and coaching, I was able to get through every day of that long horrible summer. Through his gentle guidance, understanding and support, I was able to find my own strength and recognize it; and I was able to lift my husband up on my shoulders, literally and spiritually, and guide him through his final days.

Though incredibly painful, rather like one’s insides are being ripped out on a daily basis, I feel immensely grateful and proud that my husband did not have to take that journey alone, and I am honored that I got to see him through. However, without Greg, I’m not sure I would have been able to do it—at least not in the complete, in-control way that I did. Even though I wanted to be in denial, thanks to Greg, I made sure I said all the words and did all the things I wanted to before my husband was gone, something I will be eternally grateful for.

Through Greg’s continued coaching and guidance, I was slowly able to move on with my life. Now I am remarried and expecting my first child.

(Identity withheld for privacy)

The coaching experience has enabled me to grow a tremendous amount in the last 2 years. I have developed from an insecure, self-conscious 24-year-old to a 26-year-old woman who is confident, secure and happy. The experiences and exercises that I have done have helped me find this side of myself. Although at times I was not too sure about the exercises or felt odd doing them, in the end they really did help me achieve my goals and become who I am today. The coaching that I went through had me realize that I am a strong individual and that I can stand up for myself.

Tiffany Smith
San Gabriel, CA

What am I doing? What do I want to be doing? Where am I going? Who am I? These are all questions that continuously kept coming up in my life, all with no answers. Feeling that I was “stuck in a rut” and unsure of myself, I am thankful of one very important thing—that I was smart enough to know that I needed a little assistance. When I first hired Greg, I expected him to talk to me a few times, write me my resume and tell me what I should be doing. I couldn’t have been more mistaken.

Through Greg’s coaching, I have become aware of myself, who I am and what is most important to me in my life. This point was not reached by him telling me what to feel, how to act or what I’m here for, but rather by him coaching and guiding my thought process in positive ways, so that I could figure those things out for myself. With the use of positive thinking and questioning, I realized things about my personality and principles, which have not only led me to career opportunities but also to repairing the relationships that I have in my life. I am now able to communicate more effectively and confidently in every area of my life.

Greg’s coaching is from the inside out. Many people believe that only acting in a certain way will better their lives when in reality, that is only temporary, and different aspects need to be resolved before they can move on. The only problem is that these aspects are usually unknown to them. Through my coaching experience, I became aware of many issues that had been holding me back from fulfilling my dreams of who I want to be. Those issues were brought on by myself and by the negative, false thoughts that I had of myself.

By getting Greg’s help, confusion has been replaced with confidence. I make my decisions, and I am responsible for myself. I have never been happier and surer of myself.

Scott Williams
Mission Viejo, CA

When I began speaking with Greg it was in November of 2007. What I have learned about myself in the past 6 months has been priceless. First, my inner strength is untouchable. I learned a very important lesson about what’s right for me and what’s right for the rest of the world are not necessarily going to fall under the same guide lines. Self-guilt will eat away at your soul. I learned that I was taking on the act of over-responsibility; taking blame for things in this life that aren’t my fault. One of these issues in my life was the guilt I was feeling over getting a divorce. The lesson that I learned is that what is right for one person isn’t necessarily right for the next person. Each individual has to figure out what is right for him or her based off of our own hearts and not make decisions based off of what is titled as being “the right thing to do” or off of “what I should do”. My decisions now come from my heart and they are all decisions that are thought about from all depths and all corners and are made because it’s something that I want to do, not something that I feel I should do out of guilt.

I have also learned how to take into consideration someone else’s point of view based off of where they have come from in their life and their own life experiences. I have often times in the past lost my temper with family members because they have not reacted in a way that I wanted them to or been supportive to me in the way that I was hoping for. To me, this meant that they did not love me. Greg taught me an incredibly important lesson to do with this. I learned that just because someone doesn’t react in a way that I wanted them to doesn’t mean that they don’t love me or that they don’t support me, but what it means is that they react in a way that they know how to based off of their life experiences and their background. My patience and sensitivity with other people’s backgrounds has gone from a negative 5 to a positive 20. The idea of understanding people’s reactions based on their past never even entered my mind until Greg taught me about it. Now my arguments with my mom are very few and far between because I understand why she does and says the things that she does, which in turn, has developed into a much happier and closer relationship for the two of us than ever before.

Thirdly, I have learned how to do something in my life that has always been the biggest struggle for me and probably is the one characteristic about myself that I have always wanted to change. In the past, when I have been faced with adversity or anger or hurt, I have often times just allowed problems and words of other people to just simply roll off my back. I never bothered myself too much with what others would say to me. I saw it as being a sign of weakness in myself if I allowed myself to get down because of the words of someone else, but in the process of not taking anything into consideration that people would say to me, I was ignoring those that I loved most and hurting them because of my stubbornness and nonchalant attitude regarding their concerns or anger with me. I have always wanted to be able to remain a strong person but be soft enough to allow the words of others to touch me. This has always been an incredibly hard concept for me to warp my arms around. I figured that you were either one or the other, you’re either a strong person who can endure anything and take anything from anyone or you’re a weak and feeble person who crumbles at the first mean word spoken to them. Greg has taught me how to be in the middle. I now know how to listen very carefully when someone is talking to me and how to perception check with them, meaning that I re-paraphrase what they are saying in my own words to make sure I understand what their meaning is. I listen and then take into consideration what they were saying and understand why they have the concerns they do and then figure out a way to meet in the middle. This has not taken away my natural ability to be able to endure a lot of hurdles in my life and keep on running, but it also isn’t a strategy that is knocking down everybody in my path either. I now know how to keep my head held high during a storm and be sensitive to those around me and work with them rather than against them.

Over the next six months my plans for learning with Greg will now shift a little bit from emotional to more mental. The biggest task ahead of me is learning how to budget my money and save my money. In addition to that we will be taking a look at my strengths within a career and what will be good business moves for me to take part in. By the end of 2008 I will be completely out of debt, I will know how to allocate my money wisely every month to each payment that I have, and I will be on a strong career path to how I want to live the rest of my life as a career woman and a future wife and mother.

Tiffany Church
Mission Viejo, CA

Following a rather traumatic breakup with a girlfriend, I was in a deep depression. I had never experienced a breakup before and subsequently fell into all of the traps that my ego and emotions had set for me. I swore that I would never be able to have a girlfriend again, convinced that no one would ever find me attractive in every sense of the word. I believed whole-heartedly that if I really was this nice, funny great guy everyone was talking about, my girlfriend would have never left me; therefore, I must be a loser.

After days of wallowing in my sorrows and seeing no end in sight, I decided to open up to Greg and let him into my life. It was a hard decision; I mean it is hard enough being honest with yourself, let alone sharing all of your most intimate thoughts and feelings with a relative stranger. So despite initial misgivings, I called up Greg and after my initial five minutes of sobbing, we began to talk.

Greg has a way of introducing a new perspective on issues that to this day still blows my mind. He’s able to convey ideas and thoughts in such a clear and effective way that even if they are contrary to one’s own views, one can’t help but to reflect upon and learn from his words. Greg’s presence and attitude made me feel comfortable enough to share things about myself with him, and his guidance allowed me to discover many more. My work with Greg lasted for several months; but following just our first conversation, I began to feel better because it was the first time I could get things off of my chest without worrying about what others may think of me. His ability to listen and understand what I was going through was invaluable. He had the ability to not only understand my views and the underlying feelings responsible for them, but also to interject new ideas and exercises that would enable me to recognize the processes that were responsible for my self defeating thoughts.

Greg’s counseling has helped me in every aspect of my life. The lessons and exercises that he shared with me remain as relevant today as they did a year ago. I can honestly say that thanks to Greg, I am at peace and comfortable with my breakup and, more importantly, with myself. Sure, time could have healed the wounds that I suffered. But I see the lingering and destructive issues and emotions that continue to haunt friends of mine who have dealt with similar circumstances. I am so thankful that I was able to let Greg into my life and avoid the vicious cycle of despair that usually accompanies breakups.

I would recommend Greg to anyone looking to move past a negative experience or otherwise unpleasant life situation. The tools and knowledge I gained from speaking with Greg have been applicable to every part of my life. I have reached a level of peace and happiness I never would have thought to be attainable. Greg Nelson is a special person who has an extraordinary ability to help people. One would be ill advised to pass up an opportunity to improve one’s life in ways never believed possible.

(Identity withheld for privacy)

After my three-and-a-half year relationship ended with my boyfriend, in July 2002, I was extremely hurt, confused, and angry. My self-esteem dropped tremendously. I spent most of my time dwelling on all my pain, hurt and frustration as I just lay in bed crying throughout much of the day and night. I stopped going out and doing the things that I used to love doing and it was especially hard for me to concentrate on my schoolwork. I felt like my life was completely over and believed that I couldn’t go on or have any reason to live.

I had been seeing a counselor at my school for help, close to two months, until I finally realized he wasn’t helping and I wasn’t getting any better. I came to this realization as I sat in an emergency room talking to Greg Nelson, after taking a knife to my arms. We talked for quite some time there, and I felt so much better that night. So I decided to end my visits with the other counselor and instead talk to Greg, which began in September 2002.

Greg helped me turn my anger and pain into love through homework he assigned to build my self-esteem as well as through our talks, in which he gave me great spiritual and personal advice and guidance. Greg gave me feedback when I expressed my feelings, thoughts, concerns, and questions, which was very important and helpful to my growth and healing process. Greg’s approach and technique to my situation was exactly what I needed to get my life back together and on track again. Slowly but surely, I was feeling better and better about myself and beginning to love myself again.

Although my sessions with Greg ended in November 2002, it was important that I continued applying what I learned from him into my life on an ongoing, daily basis. As I look back, it is hard to imagine that I finally reached a place where I was happy again doing what was healthy for me and things that made me happy. Now I can’t imagine not wanting to live, and I am very grateful for and will never forget all of Greg’s love, support and guidance.

(Identity withheld for privacy)

First of all, I want to thank you for the wonderful coaching experience that you so elegantly gave me. I can’t tell you how absolutely amazed I was, not only at the hopeful outcome of my life path but also at how smooth, flowing and efficient it was facilitated. I have to say—and I’m no expert—but you seem to have a natural gift. You not only assisted me in bringing forward what I truly desire, you supported and encouraged that without judgment and in such a loving way. Then, you went on to demonstrate to me how you could help me deal with my financial situation and my belief’s around money, etc.

I was very impressed!!

Jodi McKenna
Doctorate Student
Dana Point, CA